Last Update: Jan 20, 2023


A light theme with a menu layout reminiscent of some zen themes. This still uses the standard superfish menu js as the standard ElkArte theme but in nav style. More squared corners than standard Elk. Has a slider quick login bar and an expanding search menu to snaz things up a bit. The colors are based upon the Metro UI theme used in Windows 8.


Upload a Theme

  • Download the theme using the below link and then using (Theme Management -> Manage and Install) use the browse button next to “ From a local archive: (e.g. .zip or .tar.gz)” and navigate to where you saved the theme file on your computer. One found and selected, choose install.

From a Directory

  • Alternatively, You can add a theme to your themes directory directly by unzipping or FTPing a theme package. Be sure the files are arrange dy in directories, just as the ElkArte default theme. Enter the new directory in the “From a directory on the host server:” and select install.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.