Last Update: Jan 20, 2023


A light theme with a nav style menu layout where the first drop down is done horizontally.
The message index is redone to have the avatar first, and move topic page navigation to a single area.
The board display has the infocenter as a right sidebar. The topic display has an updated poster area where some items that were normally hidden in the drop down have been exposed.
Has a slider quick login bar and an expanding search menu.


Upload a Theme

  • Download the theme using the below link and then using (Theme Management -> Manage and Install) use the browse button next to “ From a local archive: (e.g. .zip or .tar.gz)” and navigate to where you saved the theme file on your computer. One found and selected, choose install.

From a Directory

  • Alternatively, You can add a theme to your themes directory directly by unzipping or FTPing a theme package. Be sure the files are arrange dy in directories, just as the ElkArte default theme. Enter the new directory in the “From a directory on the host server:” and select install.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.